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Love Your Natural Self

Amala Whips is an organic skincare and haircare product line inspired to use NATURE'S gifts to help improve acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, dry scalp, hair growth and dull skin. We only use quality natural ingredients to achieve top quality results that your body will thank you for. Everything is handmade with care in small batches to ensure top notch quality. Our products are chemical free and environmentally safe. Our goal is to provide affordable self-care without guilt. Revitalize your skin and hair care journey with Amala Whips.


These products are AMAZING! Handmade with love and natural ingredients cannot ask for more. Just tried Calendula Body Oil and I am in love, from the smell to the everlasting feeling it leaves my skin, love it!!!

Key Marie

I purchased this beauty from you! I was looking at the Vanilla Ginger but went along with the Cinnamon Nutmeg instead. I LOVE IT. The scent and texture are everything.