About Us

Amala Whips is a small local business based in Baltimore, MD. We  are a plant-based skincare and hair care product line inspired by the need to care for our bodies with gifts from nature. We are dedicated to using products that are organic and naturally derived because it does the body good!

Amala Whips was born when we discovered our toddler son, Caleb, was developing eczema from the store brought cleansing soaps and lotions. We were diligent in lathering him down after each bath, but the rash would not clear. Our research lead us to the benefits of the Neem plant. This plant is a natural healer for eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. Our Extreme Neem butter was the first batch created for our family. Within a week his rash disappeared, and he started asking for it on his own!

Our goal from that point on was to help others learn natural ways to soothe the most common skin and hair care issues. Everything is handmade with care, in small batches to ensure the best quality. Amala Whips welcomes you to join us in your natural skincare and hair care journey.