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What does it do for you ?
In its own little way, our Rose Body Butter is something of a hero, gallantly smoothing over dry skin, replacing it with that much-loved rosy-looking all-over body glow. But to save its blushes, we’ll just say this: our Rose Body Butter is blissful nourishment for your skin.

This creamy whipped body butter is enriched with shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, rose, dark tea and patchouli essential oils so it feels as soft and succulent as velvety rose petals, with the sweet romantic scent to match. A scent that takes you back to garden parties in the summertime. Dreamy.

If a healthy-looking radiance is what you’re after, Amala Whips Rose Body Butter will be right up your street.
Perfect for normal to dry skin
Enjoy up to 24hrs of hydrating bliss
Smooth it in for an instant healthier-looking glow
Enriched with dried roses